The Lifestyle of a HTML Programmer

The Lifestyle of a HTML Programmer

One thing that I haven’t managed to fully get the hang of yet is seperating my general lifestyle from my work lifestyle. In many ways, they are completely contrasting and it is a very weird concept that you should combine them. Usually, I like to keep my personal life and my work life separate, but sometimes this does overlap and it is very difficult to keep them from each other.programmer-lifestyle


Usually, I’m talking about what I like to get up to in my personal life and the things that I like tend to vary a lot. I especially like to learn about different people and what really makes them tick, which is vry interesting if you then compare it to what I’m used to. For example, one of my friend is in something called a ddlg relationship, which is a different type of relationship than what I am used to. Because I’ve lived a sheltered life as a programmer, I like to take the time to learn about this new stuff.

When I’m learning about new things like this, it really gives me the opportunity to experience a ton of different things that I wouldn’t have been able to in the past. I’ve ideal for someone like me who isn’t used to living life differently and outside of my comfort zone – I need to learn about new things, and often!

Lifestyle of a Programmer

Most of my days are taken up by my computer. You might think “wow, that’s kind of sad” and I wouldn’t blame you for thinking this way. But, you should consider the fact that it is my career, and I’m going to be putting in 60-70 hours a week into programming. A lot with this, I love gaming and movies, so a good 80-90 hours of my total week are spent in front of a screen.

This doesn’t leave much room for a social life, unfortunately!

Hopefully in the future, I can try and increase the amount of stuff I get to do in my social life by joining societies and the gym. Joining the gym recently has given me the chance to meet a lot of new people, which I am extremely grateful for and I wouldn’t have had the chance to do so without this.

Overall, I am pretty happy with my programmer lifestyle the majority of the time. I can do whatever I want as I am self employed, which is extremely important to me. It’s a great lifestyle, and I would recommend it to anyone!

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