My New Computer Sound System Set Up!

As I’ve invested in a brand new set up for my computer and my lounge, I wanted to share with you exactly what it is that I’ve added to my sound system.

For starters, I’ve added a new center channel speaker to my setup. Now, I tried not to spend too much on a center channel and after reading this speaker guide on which is the best one to get, I opted for the Polk s35. The S35 is a step up on the other Polk center channel speakers, and I prefer it quite a bit to my old Polk center channel (I had a cheapy CS10 beforehand).

The reason that I bought a center channel is that it’s really the main focal point of your entire sound system. I usually link my laptop up to the TV in the living room in my house, so it’s pretty important to me to have a good sound coming from the system in general. If you want to watch movies in your living room, you really need to have a center channel speaker to get their full effect.

As well as my center channel speaker, I ended up buying two side speakers to go with it. These both ended up being Polk too. I was originally going to opt for something like Klipsch, but they were a little out of my price range and I can’t really afford to blow thousands of dollars on a speaker system right now.

Klispch produce some great speakers, but they’re well out of my price range. Maybe one day!

Anyway, for the time being I ended up going for the Polk RC85i in wall speakers to accompany my big main. I wanted something that I can hide in my walls whenever I wanted, and these seem to be one of the better options on the market for those wanting to save money.


This isn’y my exact setup, but it’s pretty similar to mine in the way that it looks. I have the center channel positioned underneath theTV and the two speakers either side, but bare in mind that my side speakers are both in wall so they aren’t stuck out the wall in the same way these ones are!

Either way, I just wanted to update you on what I am doing with my speaker system in general. Hopefully this can show you how to get your own speaker system set up.

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