How long does it take to learn HTML?

Many people have asked me throughout the years how long it took me to get to learn what I know about HTML. I w ould consider myself to be somewhat of an HTML expert, hence why I created HTML5Pioneer, to try and help people understand how HTML works. So, how long does it take to learn HTML? Well, this is kind of a trick question. Why? Well..

You’ll never completely learn HTML.

It’s always changing. It’s forever changing by definition in fact, so you’ll never technically learn HTML to it’s full potential, and neither will I. Now, another question that you might ask it; how long does it take to get to a decent level of HTML knowledge? Well, for that I might give you a slightly less cryptic answer.

No, I definitely don’t agree with the gentleman above that you can learn HTML in 12 minutes, this is ridiculous. A more realistic expectation may be;

Around 500 hours.

Yes, that’s my personal opinion that it will take you this long to get to a really proficient standard of HTML. This means that it will take you over a year of working on learning HTML if you spend one hour per day learning.

Or, if you’re extremely driven, you could learn HTML pretty in depth within the space of a month if you’re willing to put the hours into it. This means full time days and a lot of concentration.

In reality, it would be perfect to find a happy medium. No one wants to spend 12 hours a day learning HTML, not even me! If you can spare 10 hours per week to dedicate to learning HTML, you should be up to speed within a year and I wold estimate at that point you would be at a good enough standard to charge for your services.

Of course, there are many different branches of HTML that you’ll need to learn, so be willing to use your brain to the best of it’s capabilities!


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